About Us and our
1st Party Technology

Golfpay Develops First Party Software Solutions for Golf Course Operators that Maximize Profitability & Operational Efficiency

Golfpay was established in the summer of 2015, after acquiring two Golf GPS companies (downloaded by more than 4 million golfers). In 2017, we designed and launched the industry’s first Omnichannel Tee Time Booking Engine, with Mobile Check-in. After signing up over 200 golf courses, and getting repeated requests to come out with our own Tee Sheet & Point of Sale, we took the leap of faith and rolled out Golfpay360. We are a bunch of hard-working people who love golf software, AND earning our client’s business every single day.


1st Party Data is information that is collected directly from your customer – that you own.   100% of Golfpay’s proprietary software was designed to maximize a 1st Party Data Collection (Direct Booking) strategy.

Since 2014, after acquiring two Golf GPS companies to study online golfer behavior, and then we formed Golfpay, LLC in 2015.

We offer a usage-based OR a Managed Service option via our digital coupon technology.  Both options will be more than likely, overall net savings for your golf course.  We offer a 1, 2, or 3-year term with hardware credits the longer you go. To get a quote, just ask for a demo, and we’ll review your needs

Digital coupons are slightly discounted tee times that we use in our Managed Service option to drive more direct booking retention, drive more online revenue, sell more of your underutilized times, as well as extend your customer reach more effectively. 

Your costs will be nominal if not zero, during slow times, or when your season ends.

Yes, yes, yes to the first question, and absolutely not to the second.

We do.  We built a module that allows you to integrate our communication system with your call center.

Through various partnerships, you can sync to QuickBooks Online, Xero, and more. 

Every payment syncs with your POS and accounting system.   

Our Omnichannel technology provides your customer with a unified and secure booking and payment experience across every Golfpay channel.  Every channel in the Golfpay ecosystem, whether it’s Golfpay Phone, SMS, Chat, or Web; is #1 in the industry.  Each channel includes ways for golfers to book and manage their online reservations, easily leave messages for ultra-fast automated responses, speak to a live person, make purchases of things like your loyalty passes, and even book at night when you’re closed, without an internet connection. 

Golfpay can integrate directly with your mobile app if the app is an approved vendor of Golfpay. Your mobile app becomes another channel in the platform, so the more the merrier.